É. Urcades

Long Interfaces


About Me:

I’m an optimistic interface designer
interested in making public infrastructure
more easy, beautiful, and fun.

Recent Works:

Currently, I’m designing a
new computer at Tlon.
Previously, I’ve worked for
IBM, Tumblr, Samara,
and many others.

CV.pdf (summary),
Database (comprehensive),
Sketching (gestural),

Ongoing Personal Research:

New Computation, Contemporary Dwelling,
Climate Adaptation, American Software,
Maybe clothing, New Infrastructure,
Technological diffusion, New Bodies, etc.


  1. NCWG RFC 001 2019
  2. New American Interfaces (Outline 1) 2019
  3. My Grandmother's Operating System 2019
  4. Knowledge Networks 2018
  5. New Computers 2017
  6. Personal Computer, Vending Machine 2017
  7. Reading Networks 2017

Closing thoughts:

More often than not, the most meaningful
human activity boils down to providing
support structure for one another.
In turn, the most meaningful “designed”
output is the infrastructural.